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    THE LOSI DBXLE Desert Racer

    Review by Evo RC

    The original LOSI DBXLE set the world on fire as the go to vehicle for large scale bashers and enthusiasts alike. Its agile handling, out of the box speeds and durability make it a fan favorite.

    This desert buggy features all the technological advances drivers demand including the Spektrum 160A ESC and Spektrum 780KV brushless motor allowing you to hit over 50MPH on 8S.

    It comes with a bright roof mounted LED light bar, Maxxis creepy crawler tires and bead lock wheels. This thing is huge, length 844mm, width 495mm and height 317mm. Wheelbase is 552mm and weighs 12.8kg without batteries.

    The chassis is 4mm thick 6061 T6 aluminum and incorporates a stiffening plate. Independent suspension and full aluminum Fox shocks.

    Looking up large scale RCs, the Traxxas XMAXX of course, the Arrma Kraton and Outcast, then this. It all depends on what terrain you’re looking to run it on and your driving style. It’s an eye catcher and the size gets you every time.

    The DBXLE is huge, a monster. It’s also heavy so it’s not favoring any launch ramps, although we did send it just the same. This is a desert buggy, so you should be looking at open space offroading.

    The suspensions are massive and the capacity of the shocks is impressive. It dampens its entire weight quite well considering it’s dry weight is of around 13KG. Add another 1.5KG of batteries like the dual 9000MAH 100C ZEEE packs. If you loose drive, forget carrying it, you will have to pull it on its wheels, it’s just too heavy. The motor is massive, 56mm by 113mm, that’s larger than a coke can. It’s a flip up body, we all love that, you just take out two pins on the front and the whole body flips over exposing the whole inside, so easy to work on it. The shock towers are now alloy, the first version were plastic.

    You have a choice of panels, the Fox black and orange version and the racing LOSI flaming red and silver. You actually have more options of panels as the gas powered versions have more designs like the yellow and black magna flow version which are compatible.

    We ran it stock for a while and been through mud but mostly dirt, a few slow ramp jumps here and there. Haven’t felt the need to upgrade anything really as everything has held together well so far and it has performed well on every terrain. It’s a bit limiting due to the size and weight. It fits in a regular car trunk but that’s all you’ll put in there, so forget taking it to a family picnic. It’s a big basher that’s fun to take out to open spaces and run it to the max.

    It’s so big that a full GoPro fits easily in the cockpit and makes for spectacular shots!

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