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VRX ATLAS 1/10 Monster Truck RC-550 Turbo

The 1:10 SWORD off road RTR 4WD monster truck is powered by the high-performance RC-550 Turbo speed brushed motor and managed by a 300A esc (speed regulator) with three self-programmable functions. The directional servo is prompt and precise in the response of commands. It has a 2.4ghz handwheel remote control and 2.4ghz waterproof receiver as standard. Everything is powered by a 7.2V 1800 mah nimh battery that can be recharged with the supplied 500 mah charger. The Sword is equipped with the innovative and important slipper clutch which not only balances the movement of the mechanical parts but completely attenuates the tears avoiding breakages. It is completely mounted on a tub frame, and the four Big Bored shock absorbers (adjustable) allow it to adapt to any path. protected at the front by a sturdy bumper, it manages to exploit all its power thanks to the cardan transmission, entirely in metal, to which the front constant velocity joints (already standard) have been added. Finally, the front offers various types of adjustment (toe, camber, ground height) while on the rear (camber and ground clearance).

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