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RX creates the “Buggy Desert Ocatne XL” … 1/10 scale buggy with crawler characteristics. The merger generates a model that is nothing short of fantastic, a perfect mix of Speed ​​and Performance combined with maximum Reliability. The Buggy Desert has a new set-up capable of tackling winding paths, such as rocks, boulders, gravel, etc., in fact the peculiarity lies in its ability to twist. The Buggy Desert 1:10 XL off road RTR 4WD is equipped as standard with a 3300 Kv Brushless motor, managed by an efficient 45A ESC (Electronic Speed ​​Control), equipped with cooling fan and adjustable via program card (not included). The model is supplied in the RTR version, with absolutely superior standard equipment: 2-cell lipo battery (7.4V), capacity 3300 mAh; 2S and 3S lipo battery charger with cell balancer; 2.4 GHz receiver system with integrated Fail Safe, which ensures immediate stopping of the model in the event of loss of contact between the radio and the receiver; 2.4 GHz radio (no more interference problems with other model makers !!!) with proportional system handwheel. It is protected at the front by a sturdy bumper. Finally, the front offers various types of adjustment (toe, camber, ground height) while on the rear (camber and ground clearance). The pair of rear shock absorbers is completely in aluminum, in order to offer maximum reliability on the torsion of the rear area. They can be uprights with different types of angles thanks to its various fixing points on the upper and lower part. L’ Pinion-Crown coupling is well protected by a bowl-shaped cover that completely covers the bridge-engine, pinion and central transmission crown. The battery is placed in the central part of the model in its special housing fixed with hook and loop straps. The rotation transmission is brought back to the rear wheels without limiting the torsion. The entire rear area is completely reinforced by support rods that connect all the components that work at the moment of torsion to each other. It must be said that the train of wheels makes even the most winding paths a simple walk. The rubber has an excellent notching and with its almost 3.5 cm shoulder it can cope with any type of difference in height. Aesthetically, the beautiful and particular body immediately catches the eye. fixed on a sturdy structure that recreates the cockpit for the rider and passenger. In fact, inside the structure there are two men. Another peculiarity of this model is the spare wheel mounted on the rear that can still be used as it is a real additional complete wheel. All spare parts available.

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