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VRX Flash-Rally XR4 N1 1/10 Nitro

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FLASH-RALLY XR4 N1 1/10 Alpha FC.18 petrol engine with recoil starter and flywheel with starter; – Three-shoe clutch :    1-speed gearbox and 3 kg directional servo, ready and precise in response to commands. The Flah-Rally XR4 on-road is a ready-to-use, four -wheel drive (4WD) RTR model . The evolution of quality and agile and snappy performance with high-level performance show speed and stability on the track, thanks also to its 4 shock absorbersadjustable big-bored, shaft drive, frame and front constant velocity joints (already standard) in metal. Finally, it offers various types of adjustment (convergence, camber, ground height), but above all it is intermittently bearing. With its 2.4Ghz Fly Sky digital handwheel radio control you will no longer have any interference problems with other model builders equipped with a proportional system (i.e. the position of the model is proportional to the position of the radio control levers). The painted body is available in different colors. Made of polycarbonate, a material that has excellent resistance to the most violent blows. It is also protected at the front and by a soft bumper that absorbs even the strongest impacts. Just fill the 80cc tank, grab the remote control and …………. indulge in the most risky paths. Have a good fun!!!!!!!


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