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The VRX house renews its Course Truck proposal by creating a new SUV series in the Brushless version. The model has a completely new line: the aggressive front, the matte color and the shine of the double metal frame help to give the model a higher level. We are talking about an OFF-ROAD from an extraordinary aesthetic point of view: at first glance the widened sides and a pronounced nose stand out. The transparent glass of the body allows you to admire its interior without having to remove it. To admire the choice of tires with large knobs for maximum traction on lawn and terrain. The mechanics are treated in detail: the metal frame has a square and rather elongated configuration with metal fenders on both sides. The upper frame made of metal also increases the strength factor of the model. The big oil piston shock absorbers are up to their task. The metal ring on the threaded body makes adjustment simple and perfectly symmetrical, without having to resort to measurements to be made with the caliber. The large front and rear anti-roll bar contributes effectively to the set-up of the model. The Rattlesnake Suv is a professional model ideal for those who want and / or curiosity to try a new and decidedly performing car, equipped with a powerful 3300 kV brushless motor. This is an innovative and practical electric motor, as it allows a considerable reduction in maintenance, with practically no wear compared to that of a normal brushed motor. The engine is managed by an efficient 45A ESC (Electronic Speed ​​Control), equipped with a cooling fan and adjustable via program card (not included). The model is supplied in the RTR version, with absolutely superior standard equipment: 2-cell lipo battery (7.4V), capacity 3250 mAh; 2S and 3S lipo battery charger with cell balancer; 2.4 GHz receiver system with integrated Fail Safe, which ensures immediate stopping of the model in the event of loss of contact between the radio and the receiver; 2.4 GHz radio (no more interference problems with other model makers !!!) with proportional system handwheel. The model is entirely mounted with ball bearings, on a lower and upper metal frame, protected at the front by bumpers that absorb even the most violent impacts, with four Big Bored shock absorbers (oil adjustable), assembled on longer arms, which allow a greater excursion able to “copy” even the most uneven terrain. The integral four-wheel drive transmission is a cardan shaft, while on the crown there is an adjustable flexible coupling, which not only balances the movement of the mechanical parts but completely attenuates the jerks avoiding breakages. The front and rear wheels have non-standard dimensions and mounted on 12 mm sprockets (a measure that allows you to use various types of wheels and brands). Last but not least, there is the possibility to record the toe, camber and ground clearance of the front axle, while on the rear axle camber and ground clearance can be recorded.

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