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Street, Offroad, Bashers, Speed Runs, Drifts, Crawls. This is the Evo RC YouTube channel, no talk, just footage.

ARRMA (Brand)

RC cars for all abilities – from 1/10 scale to 1/5. 30mph to 80mph+. Stunt trucks to street bashers. ARRMA RC. FASTER. TOUGHER.

Traxxas (Brand)

The Fastest Name in Radio Control

LOSI (Brand)

RC Dad loving his hobby! Learning something new every day. Bit of everything but mostly RC cars and drones! LOVE EM’!

AXIAL (Brand)

Founded in 2005, Axial R/C, Inc. has quickly become a global brand leader of hobby grade radio controlled products. Manufacturing chassis and accessory products to the highest quality standards, with design emphasis on rugged construction and scale realism.

HPI (Brand)

HPI Racing manufactures a full line of awesome radio control model cars, trucks and buggies.

Maverick (Brand)

High quality radio control vehicles for hobbyists of all ages and skill levels, from monster trucks to drift cars!

Kevin Talbot (Basher)

Kevin Talbot is a well known British YouTuber. He bashes the hardest, some say too hard. He holds the number most popular RC channel on YouTube. His videos are all about fun! Known for catch phrases like, “Game Over!” or “It’s getting it now!”.

Raz Shifrin (Speedrunner)

RC Cars are Raz’s biggest passion. Sold by Horizon Hobby, the Arrma Limitless & Arrma Infraction are his primary love. His builds are legendary fast! 198MPH fast, yes that is correct, over 300KPH.

RC Review (Crawlers)

RC Car reviews specializing in RC Crawlers. RC Review has reached 65,000 subscribers in a two years is growing at 1800 per month. It now has 3.5 million watch time minutes/month and is one of the most popular RC channels on Youtube. And more important than stats is the users now trust the content and check in here before making their buying decisions.

Tomley RC (Reviewer)

For all things Radio Control, from RC Cars to RC Boats to RC Custom Builds. The Radio Control Hobby should be Fun & Affordable for everyone, and on this Channel Tom showcases Radio Control products to suit all, from Cheap RC Cars to Expensive RC Cars.

The Rc Kiwis (Reviewers)

TheRcKiwis are all about RC adventures! Here you will find everything from RC Bashing, speed runs to “How to” and review videos with everything in between.

The Rc Saylors (Reviewes)

TheRcSaylors began this channel in hopes to share their passion of RC Drones, Planes, Cars, & more with the world! Our goal is to share the radio control hobby together and with you! We are a husband-wife team, and we are here to entertain and learn as a community, but most importantly enjoy each other in this amazing world of RCs!

Exocaged RC (Basher)

The most Awesome RC’s on the planet!! Reviews! Installs and all!!

Claire’s RC’s (Organiser)

Nothing but honest RC reviews and almost family friendly fun.

KiTris ExtremeRC (Cinematic)

Welcome to KiTris ExtremeRC! Radio control is my passion and I really enjoy making cinematic videos.

Hardcore RC (Bashers)

RC channel bringing information, reviews, tips and general bashing fun between father and the hardcore sons.

Fivo Nine (Reviewer)

Welcome to Fivo Nine! My name is Dima, two of my favorite things to do is filming and playing with RC cars and trucks. Here i do some bashing, unboxing, and reviews.

Innovation RC (Experimenter)

If you like top notch builds, stupid fast speed runs and flat out insane stuff you never seen before? INNOVATION RC is a healthy choice!